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Grant Writer/ Researcher

Sussex Technical School District is seeking Professional Grant Writer(s)/Researcher(s) to design, develop and prepare grant proposals, academic proposals, Letters of Intent, background documentation, program rationales, and other reports. The Grant Writer(s)/Researcher(s)  will provide advice on identification and preparation of major collaborative grant proposals and/or develop or assist in the development of individual, multidisciplinary and multi-institutional program initiatives and funding applications, including performing extensive background research, writing and substantive editing of proposals, and customizing writing for target audiences.


Job Description

1. Proposals: Designs, develops and prepares grant proposals, contribution proposals, Letters of Intent, background documentation, program rationales, and other reports.

Conduct extensive background research; translate concepts to a clear and cogent written format (i.e. draft proposal)

Write substantial sections of the proposal based on interview research in order to grasp the concept of a project or program for which funding is sought

Facilitate and coordinate the development and preparation of letters of intent and final applications for inter- and trans-disciplinary, complex, multi-investigator group, network and program grants

Copy editing and formatting proposals

Customizes scientific writing and technical presentations for target audiences using a comprehensive understanding of the agency/group mandates, culture and guidelines

Formulate budgets to ensure that all funding agency and program requirements are met.

Work with individuals and teams of program staff  to develop funding proposals and submissions to provincial, federal and private sector granting and contributing agencies

Perform background research about the research and granting agencies to customize proposals to granting agency mandate, priorities and guidelines

2. Reporting:

Tracks and reports monthly on the results of all related proposals, grants and contracts

Prepares and submits or coordinates submission of all interim and final reports for all grants and contributions

3. Working Relationships:

Work requires collaborative working relationship with provincial, national and private sector organizations and agencies

Contacts are for the purpose of influencing others with respect to programming, including funding, new programs and research initiatives and engaging with political and community leaders to seek their involvement in and support for existing and new program initiatives

Contacts with staff are for the purpose of providing leadership in program delivery excellence and to support interest-based consensus-building

4. The Process: How to Earn an Incentive Program:

Prospecting:  Use the internet or any other resources to prospect for potential grant opportunities for Sussex Technical School District

Priority Areas for Grant Writing / Fiscal Needs of the District: 

Current priority areas include: Career and Technical Education (CTE); Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); Computer hardware (I-pads, Apple and PC laptops, computer labs, etc); Green Technology; Professional Development; School Climate / Security; and, Performing Arts including but not limited to facilities and programmatic funding.

5. Preapproval:Writing the Grant:  After a participant receives approval from the District Grant Writing Incentive Award Committee to apply for an individual grant, he / she should then proceed through the grant application process.

Once a participant finds a potential grant, he/she will provide a copy of the grant, Request for Proposal (RFP, if applicable), and other relevant information to the District Grant Writing Incentive Award Committee.

If the grant is feasible, a discussion (virtual or face-to-face) will be scheduled with the Committee.  The participant will pitch the idea / grant to the committee.

If the potential grant meets district requirements and needs, the committee will provide the participant with a written approval to proceed. 

The criteria for acceptance will be at the discretion of the district based upon district needs and objectives.

At no time does the district guarantee the exclusivity for any grant.


Percentage Commission based on grant amount


Bachelors Degree in English, Journalism or research based related field preferred.


2+years of successful documented grant writing experience preferred.

Computer literate and comfortable with internet research and online applications.

Ability to work independently, set priorities, and complete work timely and accurately.

Solid writing and editing skills.

Proven experience in building successful funding proposals for provincial national, and private sector agencies.

Exceptional knowledge of successful grant and contribution application procedures and granting and contributingagency requirements.

Exceptional interpersonal, organizational and problem-solving skills, including the ability to multi-task a range of complex projects and to meet the required deadlines; ability to work under pressure and handle frequent interruptions; and the ability to work in an independent and flexible environment.

Excellent English verbal and written communication skills including training and/or education in communication; ability to incorporate a broad knowledge base with understanding and communication of complex research issues to the non-expert reader; and excellent critical review and substantive editing.

Advanced knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and internet search media.

Work is performed in an office environment and/or home office.

Confidentiality agreement.

Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board of Education and/or the Administration may find appropriate and acceptable.

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